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Master MidJourney Prompts to Generate Amazing AI Arts

Engaging with Midjourney AI is an exhilarating voyage. Its boundless possibilities ignite an inferno of inspiration!

The artistry of sculpting ingenious, yet meticulously tailored, prompts has blossomed into a captivating form. To unravel its secrets, immerse yourself in the creations of fellow pioneers and glean wisdom from their masterpieces.

Fear not if the path to forging a commanding text prompt appears hazy. For I, the guiding beacon amidst uncertainty, shall illuminate your way and assist you in your quest!

Magic Ninjas in Cherry Blossom, created with MidJourney.

If you‘re just starting, I know that it’s hard to craft the perfect text prompt.

Today, I have prepared 25+ incredible prompts, with various art styles, effects, and tricks to help you create fantastic art.

Buckle up! And let´s start.

1. Isometric Style

Isometric style refers to a method of visual representation where objects are depicted in a three-dimensional space using parallel lines. It creates a sense of depth and perspective, with all three axes appearing equally foreshortened. This style is often used in graphic design, architecture, and video games.

Prompt: beautiful ninja village made of colorful cherry blossom , isometric style –version 5.1

2. Paper Art

Create incredible and unique artistic effects with paper art.

Prompt: 3d model, futuristic planet, blue and fancy paper art –version 5.1

3. Layered Paper

Get a layered look by adding different coordinating papers on each other — it’s an amazing effect you can achieve in minutes and in addition to that noone knows this!

Prompt: Layered paper style, wave and moon, aesthetic, epic detail, dreamy blue color, starry night, mock up –version 5.1

4. Naive Art

For everyone intrested in creating E-Books for Kids or something like that ist thi Kid-Style artwork the best option.

Prompt: cute octopus naive art –version 5.1

5. Diagrammatic drawing

Diagrams present an ingenious avenue for the artistic expression of thoughts, transcending the limitations of mere words. With their captivating fusion of shapes, lines, and textual elements, they unveil the enigmatic realm of abstract concepts through a harmonious symphony of visual allure.

Prompt: Diagramatic drawing of the structure of the structure of Tokyo Tower  –version 5.1

6. Futuristic Transparent Plastic Items

Create items that may possibly be available in the future.

Prompt: Futuristic hi-fi Gameboy color, transparent plastic, gradient color, high detail, 8k, industrial design, white background, 3D, C4D, blender, OC rendering — q 2 — s 750 — v 5

7. 3D Icon Sets

Create 3D icons of various industries for multiple purposes like apps or ingame icons.

Prompt: Colorful 3D Icon Sets of kawaii food , 3d rendering, isometric, translucent, C4D, blender, clean, Pinterest, hyper detailed –v 5.1

8. Zoomorphism

Describe art that imagines humans as non-human animals.

Prompt: Zoomorphism of spider, amazing cyberpunk theme, cinematic, stunning, realizing lighting and shading, vivid, vibrant, unreal engine 5, concept art, –q 2 –s 750 –v 5.1

9. Anthropomorphism

Attributing human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal, or object.

Prompt: japanese snow Fox anthropomorphism, wizard, japanese ink style, amazing epic ancient theme, cinematic, stunning, realising lighting and shading, vivid, vibrant, unreal engine 5, concept art, –q 2 –s 750 –v 5.1

10. Luminious Backlit Glowing

Create anything that gives off visible light and glow through fluorescence. Remember the Avatar movie.

Prompt: Luminous backlit glowing jungle forest alien flower,neon lights around the flower, faded, hyperdetail –v 5.1

11. Ukiyoe Style

Ukiyo-e art is a Japanese style of woodblock printmaking. The term “ukiyo” means “floating world”.

Prompt: an armored red samurai fighting a black ninja warrior, Ukiyoe style –v 5.1

12. Medieval Art

Remedios Varo Uranga, a spanish surreal artist. Her compositions include architectural features that directly reference medieval art and show her expert draftsmanship.

Prompt: A vintage soviet Tank T-34 created by Remedios Varo, ancient-feeling” artwork that will transport viewers to a different time and place –v 5.1

13. Double Exposure

Double exposure is a fantastic technique to mix two different photos into one unique, eye-catching image and popular in print on Demand area.

Prompt: Double exposure of a cute kitten and pinkish candys, artsy scenery, watercolor art

14. Celestial

Add a touch of astronomical futuristic vibe to anything.

Prompt: Celestial map of interstellar species, 3D render, solarpunk, bright lighting, art deco –v 5.1

15. Character concept design sheet

You can create a character concept turnaround sheet to show the character at different angels.

Prompt: Wizened old strong magician with long white hair and beard , head, close up character design, multiple concept designs, concept design sheet, darkish blue background

16. Infographic drawing

Infographics provide a visually appealing way of presenting data, information, and knowledge in an easily understandable manner.

Prompt: Infographic drawing of ninja shuriken details –version 5.1

17. 3D Vibrant Model (Leo Natsume)

Leo, a talented designer and illustrator, showcases a distinctive and vibrant artistic flair in his work. His aesthetic exudes a delightful blend of whimsicality and grotesque elements, resulting in illustrations that are both captivating and one-of-a-kind. Leo’s designs embrace a vivid color palette, infusing his creations with a lively and playful ambiance.

Prompt: A 3D Ninja shibi, trending color palette, UI, by Leo Natsume, 3D illustration, pop up color, vibrant –v 5.1

18. Layered Manuscript Paper Art

Achieve a captivating visual effect by incorporating various complementary papers into a stacked composition. Today, we will embark on a creative journey to construct a three-dimensional model utilizing layers of paper.

Prompt: A layered paper ninja, crafted with Vintage Manuscript Paper with hyper details, soft light , 3D, –v 5.1

19. Blacklight

Blacklight is an artistic effect that you see under ultraviolet light.

Prompt: Blacklight traditional japanese ninja squad –v 5.1

20. Coloring Book Art

Coloring book art is creative illustrations or designs in coloring books that people can color in. It offers a fun and interactive experience for all ages, allowing them to express creativity and relax. The drawings range from simple shapes to complex scenes, giving individuals the opportunity to explore different themes and styles. Coloring book art has become popular as a recreational activity, art therapy, and a way to express oneself.

Prompt: coloring page for adults, magic ninjas, character design, no shading –v 5.1

21. Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau is a globally recognized artistic movement that encompasses various forms of creative expression, such as art, architecture, and applied art, specifically focusing on decorative arts. It is characterized by its distinctive and innovative style, which gained popularity around the world.

Prompt: Art nouveau glas design of Ninjas in a magical World in rich colors and darkish background –v 5.1

22. Cyberpunk Style

Experience a mesmerizing fusion of gritty urban living and advanced technology. Embrace a futuristic style that adds a cinematic effect to your images. Elevate your visual storytelling with the captivating blend of lowlife and high tech.

Prompt: Ninjas in magical cherry tree cyber futuristic city, cyberpunk style, 3d art, cinematographic –version 5.1

23. Futuristic Art

A captivating aesthetic approach that prioritizes the elements of liveliness, rapidity, cutting-edge advancements, and the spirit of youth.

Prompt: Futuristic cyborg ninja 4k image –version 5.1

24. Matrix Raining Code

The Matrix Digital Rain is a beloved and iconic feature of the Matrix franchise. This mesmerizing cascade of code has gained immense popularity in the world of kinetic typography, providing a visually stunning representation of the Matrix’s vibrant activity on screen.

Prompt: Matrix raining code, digits, 3 magic ninjas portrait –v 5.1

25. 8-bit or 16-bit pixel art

The design aesthetic of this piece is reminiscent of the pixelated graphics that were popular in the 1990s.

Prompt: magical ninjas cherry blossom, 16-bit game style –v 5.1

Continuous creation is crucial for learning and growth. If you’re unsure about what prompts to use, consider joining the MidJourney channels to get inspiration from others. It may require some patience, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

By exploring and trying new things, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the prompts. Join me on this journey of discovery and development.


The information provided in this blog is based on the available knowledge at the time of writing. Any updates or changes to MidJourney’s features or functionalities beyond this timeframe may not be reflected in this conclusion. Please refer to the official MidJourney website for the latest information and updates.

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