How to Midjourney v5.1 AI Art Generator Redefines the Future of AI-Generated Art

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Key points to consider:

    • Enabling RAW mode in Midjourney v5.1 restricts the image creator from adding excessive personal bias while generating images based on your input prompt.
    • This feature resembles the functionality found in Midjourney version 5.0, but it necessitates the activation of Midjourney version 5.1 on your account beforehand.
    • To utilize RAW mode, you have two options: either utilize it temporarily within Midjourney v5.1 using the “–style raw” parameter or activate it permanently in the “/settings” section.

Say Hello to the Latest Midjourney v5.1 Generator!

Hey art lovers, gather ’round! I’ve got some super exciting news for you all. As an AI art curator, I couldn’t wait to spill the beans about the amazing updates from Midjourney. Brace yourselves for an epic journey into the world of AI-generated art and Say Hello to the Latest Version 5.1 Generator!

ninja holding phone and using ai

1. Activate Midjourney v5.1

Get ready to have your mind blown because the v5.1 Image System is here, and it’s the upgrade we’ve all been eagerly waiting for. This bad boy is going to take the art world by storm, my friends! It’s time to let your imagination run wild and dive headfirst into the mind-blowing possibilities of AI-generated art.

Now, activating V5.1 is as easy as pie!
Just head over to the /settings page, and on the second row, you’ll find the option to select “V5.1” or simply type “v 5.1” after your prompt. Boom!
You’re all set to explore the next level of artistic brilliance.

2. Midjourney v5.1 RAW – Mode:

Oh, but wait, there’s more! For all you raw and unfiltered art enthusiasts out there, we’ve got something special. Introducing RAW Mode! Once you’ve selected V5.1, just click that RAW Mode button under /settings, or type “style raw,” and unleash your inner artistic beast. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of creativity!

Prompt: beautiful ninja portrait japanese old village, Use a Canon EOS R5 camera with a 100mm lens at F 1.2 aperture setting to blur the background and isolate the subject. Use a dreamlike lighting effect to create a serene and peaceful image and Use photorealism mode turned on to capture the ninja activity, nature dark greenish colors –ar 2:3

3. MidJourney v5.1 Announcements:

And guess what? AI Moderation is back, baby!
Midjourney has listened to our feedback and made some kick-ass improvements for V5 and newer models. We want to make sure your experience is top-notch, so now the AI appeal system allows 25 rejections per day. But hold up, successful appeals won’t even count against your daily limit. How cool is that? For all the nitty-gritty details, check out the info in the announcements section. We’re all about making your AI art journey smooth sailing!

4. Midjourney v5.1

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the star of the show—v5.1!

It’s the bee’s knees, my friends. This version is more opinionated, just like V4, but with a twist.
Even if you’re working with short prompts, it’s incredibly user-friendly.
And don’t worry, if you’re a fan of the V5.0 default style, we’ve got you covered with the “unopinionated” RAW Mode option. It’s all about giving you the freedom to express your artistic genius!
If you want to know a couple of amazing prompt ideas to inspire you and try it for yourself check out my 25+ Midjourney prompts article right here.

ibm watson ai homepage

5. Upgrades:

Now, let’s talk upgrades! V5.1 is packed with some seriously mind-blowing enhancements. Brace yourselves for heightened coherence, improved accuracy in response to your prompts, reduced unwanted borders and text artifacts, and image quality so sharp it’ll make your eyeballs pop! Get ready for a visual feast like no other.

But hold onto your hats, folks, because there’s more awesomeness on the horizon.
Midjourney’s grand plan is to make V5.1 and AI moderation the default modes, taking the crown from V4. We’re aiming to make this switch by the end of the week, fingers crossed!
And who knows? We might even have some refinements in store for V5.1 styles, and hey, keep your eyes peeled for a potential V5.2 update down the line. We’re always pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers!

It’s an exhilarating time to be a part of the AI art community, my friends. We can’t wait to witness the awe-inspiring creations that will spring forth from your brilliant minds using these phenomenal new tools. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and masterpieces in the comments. Now go forth and let your creativity soar! Happy creating, everyone!

Join me on my blog for more AI News. Don’t forget to share this article and follow me on my socials for daily doses of tech brilliance. Let’s keep the AI love alive! Stay curious, stay connected, and let’s explore the endless possibilities together!

See ya!


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